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Friday, June 10, 2011

Relay For Life

This is our second year doing Relay for Life. The girls and I have joined with Jodi and her team to walk. It starts at about 6pm at the High School Stadium and goes until about 9am the following morning. Several months before the walk we get registered and raise $100 each to pledge for our walk. The night is pack with fun. There are several different teams that pitch their tents around the stadium along with everything they will need for the night. BBQ, fire pits, canopies, chairs and lots of food. Each team decorates their tents to go along with the theme, the best team wins. The main rule is to have someone from the team on the track at all times during the night. Once it is dark there is a wonderful ceremony in honor of those who are battling cancer, have lost the fight and those who care for them. Around the track are bags with little lights in them and a persons name on the bag to honor them. The stadium light are turned off and everyone walks around the track after the honor ceremony. It is very humbling and very reverent. This year it really hit Jolene what all the bags meant, she was surprised how many names she knows. We talked about all the others we know who's names were not on the bags.
Throughout the night there are games booths, food booths, hot chocolate, and lots of music! When we got home in the morning Jolene laid on the couch and fell asleep for most of the day

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