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"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences." — Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, September 30, 2012

~Sunday Photo~Part 1

Life only seems to get busier during the week, I am so grateful for the weekends.
I live for them 
It is our time
We are so blessed in our part of the world to have amazing Autumns.  The colors here in Colorado are beautiful.  Ward works up in Aspen and sends me emails of all the colors or snow on the peaks of the mountains.  I can't get enough of them as you can see.  We love to drive up in the mountains and get a close up view of the beauty.  So Sunday after church we headed out on a road trip.  We were able to spend the afternoon on the sight where Ward it currently working (more on that later).  I could get lost on this property and never see it all.  It was a great day to see the beauty that a loving Heavenly Father has blessed us with.

~Sunday Drive~ The House~Part 2

This post is of the inside of the house and some of the grounds around the main house.
Here is some info on  the Star  Ranch

The $49 million purchase of the opulent 90-acre ranch home, built in 1991 by Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia while he was ambassador to the U.S., includes a smaller adjoining 38-acre ranch, known as Bear Cabin. (more on that Bear Cabin on the next post) Paulson, 56, plans to "reduce the scale of the house," according to a statement issued by a spokesman for Paulson's firm, Paulson & Co. in New York City, but it's unclear by how much. Currently it sits at 56,000 square feet — larger than the White House — with 15 bedrooms and 16 baths.
Pitkin County records show Paulson's Star Mountain Ranch LLC — initially known as Hala Ranch LLC when it was formed in March, according to state corporation records — purchased the Hala property for $41 million and paid $8 million for the smaller property.  The whole 130-acre property is located in Aspen's exclusive Starwood section, a gated community on the slopes of Red Mountain, and will be renamed Star Ranch, according to the statement.  The Hala property, once listed at $135 million and the most expensive residence in the country, has fallen into disrepair.  Paulson, whose wealth is listed by Forbes at $12.5 billion and once was ranked 45th richest in the world, has vacationed in Aspen for more than 25 years. Two years ago he purchased a 12,500-square-foot home for $24.5 million. (Also one of Ward's projects, more here )  "He and his family intend to stay in Aspen for many years to come," the statement said.  Guest rooms open to a courtyard with a waterfall that leads into a reflecting pond. The property also has horse stables, an indoor swimming pool, a tennis court, a water treatment plant and a high-tech security system.  A mechanical shop is also on the property with gas pumps and car washes.
This rock water feature is in the entry
The Staircase
Riding in the elevator to the top floor

                       This is the racketball room that is going to become the home theater
One of the gorgeous views from one of the many balconies
Looking down into the great room
The view from a balcony across the courtyard to the other part
of the house
Just some of the etching on the mirrors
The salon bathroom
The tennis/basketball court through the trees
Looking across the pool, little stools for eating or drinking in the pool
View out the pool windows into the courtyard, those windows will
be replaced with sliding glass doors/wall

The bottom of the pool
Jolene's favorite part, the far left corner is a door that leads to the indoor
hot tub
part of the pool with the "kitchen/bar behind them, off to the right
is the steam room
The sky light in the hot tub room
Indoor hot tub
Another great room
The art work on one of the bathroom walls
Just one of the many views from the bottom level of the house
One of the dining room, great view into the courtyard
Another view
One of the many fireplaces with marble
Another marble fireplace
The fireplace in the great room
looking back at the house and courtyard, heading to the upper
patio and firepit.  There is a pond behind the glass table on
 the patio
our girls, look how yellow the trees are
Posing on one of the patios
The girls wanted to make a grand enterance

~Sunday Pictures~Bear Cabin~Part 3

After we left the larger house we headed to the Bear Cabin, it is still about 10,000 square feet.  The property was just as gorgeous as the rest of the area.  I love the old wagon on the property.  The girls wanted to get their picture on the huge bear bench, notice the arm rest, they are  huge paws. We were unable to walk through the cabin today, maybe next time.  We were able  to also go through the stables, the first part was more offices and a kitchen then the back half were for the horses, which we found out in the pasture and the girls feel in love with them. 

Notice the arm rest? Huge paws

The stable, this front part is offices, a vet room and a little kitchen.
 The stable part