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Monday, April 27, 2009

A Snowy Spring

If April showers bring May flowers....
What does April snow bring?

Aspen Home (Inside)

We had an amazing getaway to the
Aspen house. We we able to "camp out"
in a $30 million house, a night to remember.
This is the movie theater in the lower level of the house.
It seats 10 friends, all seats have a great view!!
Doesn't get much better them this, pillows, blankets and
all the treats you can eat!!
The theater controls can be sent to any of the
televisions throughout the house, in case you
want to watch the movie in bed instead!!
Entrance to the movie theater.
This is just one of the many fireplaces in the house, this
one was really cool, when it's turned on it starts from
left to right, really beautiful!

Same fireplace with the lights on.

This is the "bar" at the bottom of the staircase.

The view coming down the staircase.
View from the lower level up the staircase.

Upstairs view of the staircase, it is so beautiful,
the pictures don't do it justice, the clear glass makes
it seem as if its free floating.

My favorite part of the house, this is the wall of windows.
These windows fold into themselves opening up completely
to allow the outside in, the upper patio is just as beautiful.

This is the view of the kitchen near the wall of windows.

This is the other end of the kitchen. The far wall is
a beautiful built in self. The wood is very dark and
elegant, it is made from Knotty Alder. Again the
pictures don't do justice to the beauty of the work.

Standing in the door way of the kitchen.
The lights in the dining room look like
a tree limb with light on the tips, very
This is the ceiling and light fixture in the
great room. The door on the far right
goes out to the patio, the two doors on the
sides of the fireplace go to into
the dining room and the hall to the kitchen.
This is the other end of the great room.
The hallway on the left goes to the master wing.
The door on the right goes out to the upper patio.

This is the amazing hallway from the master bedroom
to the kitchen. Very long.

This picture is taken from the master bedroom into the
master sitting area. Again this room also has the built in
shelves. They are huge and so beautiful.
This is the tub in the master bathroom
on the right side is the vanity area and on the
left is the shower.
This whole wall is the master shower.
It has two glass doors, 4 shower heads, his and hers, a
"normal" shower head on the wall and then a rain shower head
coming out of the ceiling. You can control you own
water temperature on the dial, and if that's not warm enough
there is a steamer to add to the relaxation. Plus a bench in the middle
to sit or lay on that is also heated.
This shower is 16X7.
Absolutely amazing!! The tile work on the back
wall was so beautiful!
His and her vanity.

On the lower level of the house there are 4 bedrooms with
there own bathrooms, the following are the bathrooms, all the
bathrooms are different from each other, plus there are
three half baths throughout the house as well.

If you can't tell I am very proud of Ward and the
hard work he has put into making this house.
He was able to use all of his talents and developed new ones
as well. When we were at the house Raychel was sitting outside
looking at the house and said, "My dad helped build this, I am so
proud of him!"

Aspen House (Outside)

The view driving up to the Aspen house, a huge
heard of Elk hang round the area.
We were able to escape for the a one night
getaway to the Aspen House, it was so nice.
This entry is the outside of the house, I really
love the landscaping, the sounds of the
waterfalls are so peaceful and relaxing
all the trees gives you so much privacy and
there is so much space.

The Aspen House

One of the many waterfalls on the property,

the waterfall above goes into the upper pond by the
main house

Main house

upper patio on main house looking toward the guest house

View off the lower patio

Waterfall from the upper pond to the lower pond

View of the main house from the guest house patio

our two little mermaids!!
This is hot tub at the guest house.

Yep, another waterfall

A great picture of the main house and the
guest house, with the joining waterfall.

The outside burn pit on the patio of
the guest house, it really put off some
nice heat.
I really want one at our home!!
While we were in the hot tub a green head came
to visit the pond. It was really cool watching
him land.

One of the bridges that crosses a waterfall

Great photo moment, me and
the girls, view of the main house

Us girls sitting on the lower patio of the main house
The girls on another bridge crossing a waterfall
It was pretty cold, it had lightly snowed
during the night on us, but the mountains
got even more.

Ward and I
great picture by Jolene