~My Reason For Our Blog~
"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences." — Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, March 27, 2009

They are mine

Children are an heritage of the Lord
~PSALM 127:3

Children are the promise of the future, the
assurance of greater things to come.
~Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley

I wonder if they know how ....
they have made my life?
How their smiles light my world,
how their laughter brings my heart
pure joy, how their kindness makes me
smile, how refreshing their innocence is,
how all their questions keep me on my
toes, how their hugs warm my heart, how
their gratitude humbles me, I wonder if they
know they are my joy, my angels, my
weaknesses, my love,
and most importantly
they are mine!

Snowy Spring Days

What do you do on a snowy Spring March....

Make a "baby" snowman...
Jolene was so proud of her little snow baby,
then the dog attacked it and ate it's
carrot nose!!!

After we dried the tears we made chocolate

chip cookies and warmed up with hot cocoa

and Raychel wanted to sew...she's addicted!!

they ended the day with a sister sleep over,
notice the cat and the baby bed next to Jolene.
All the girls are accounted for.

They dream of the adventures of the new day...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Snow

Spring snow storm in the Rockies I sure hope my little tulips survive the new
blanket of snow that covered them
during the night.
March 26, 2009

Sewing lessons

Raychel has wanted to learn to sew
for a while now, I finally gave in. I'm
not sure why it took me so long. She took
to it easily, it's perfect for our little
perfectionist!! Ella even watched with approval
She paid close attention to the little details, she listened,
then went to work making sure to "follow the line"
in order to keep the seams straight.

More approval from Ella after she reached in
to examine the moving needle, she was then
removed from the room!!!
Raychel took extra care in guiding the
material through the machine...
and got wonderful results!! She was so proud of herself! As am I!! She even wore it to school on
Friday (3-20-09) and proudly told all who
would listen "I sewed this!" Her teachers
informed me "she's so proud!" They too
told her they were proud of her.

I believe she has found a new hobby!
One that will benefit her for years to come.

Good Bye, Yertle

On March 19, we had to take Yertle
back to school for the next student to
take him home, we requested a weekend
next time!!
Jolene really enjoyed Yertle The Turtle

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yertle The Turtle

Jolene's first day back to school she got to bring home
Yertel the Turtle, he is from a great Dr. Suess book.
The students take turns bring Yertle home and then
documenting their time with him in a journal they
return the next school day.
Jolene had great fun with Yertle he helped
her play on the computer...we went to get Raychel and everyone had to buckle up!!
While I had part of the Relief Society Progressive Dinner
at our home Ward took the girls and Yertle to dinner
at McDonald's

Yertle didn't want to sleep alone so he slept with
Jolene and Max.
On Wednesday he went on a walk with us....

Yertle and Ella spent some time looking out the
sliding door.

Yertle really liked Cami, she came him a ride,
maybe she really wanted to eat him, look at
that tongue!!
Jolene showed Yertle how to swing...

and while I was getting dinner ready
Jolene and Yertle read his book together
It will be a sad day tomorrow when Yertle
has to go back.
Jolene really enjoyed this activity.

4th Grade Rendezvous

The 4th grade Rendezvous was on March 16,
the kids were asked to dress for the event. Either as
Native Americans, pioneer kids or mountain men,
Raychel went back and forth between a
Native American or a pioneer girl, so
Monday morning while she ate I quickly
sewed her and Jolene an apron!! Her teacher went around on a horse named
Scooter.The kids went to 11 different stations learning
hands on what life was like at this time....
here they made a "talking stick" it
was the way the Native Americans thought
they could get advice and talk with
the spirits.....
at this station they wrote letters on brown bags
and sent them by way of the pony express...

here they got to make pottery.....
at this station they learned about wild animals of

at this station they learned how to make soap, lotions
and other items...they got to make Native American jewelry out
of beads...
to run off energy from all they listening they played
a Native American game, a mix of soccer and
and finally they got to paint Native American
markings on rocks, they also got to listen to an
Native American storyteller and eat fry bread, they
were able to trade their pottery for a pop at the trading post
and eat their lunches around a camp fire.
It was such a great day the weather was perfect, the sun
was shining and just as you were getting to warm a
cool breeze would come past.

Bike vs. Scooter

I know, Jolene is 6 and can't ride a bike,
I shouldn't say can't, she wont!
She is a wild girl on her scooter and
until now it was all she wanted!
Well, on this day she asked for the
training wheels to be removed, without
saying a word, it was done, Ward was home
and helped her to gain her confidence,
she wobbled, she would just stop, but she
gave it an effort, up and down the street until she said the
bike just doesn't work!!
She was very serious, so Ward being the
great dad he is, he said he would try.....
and he did...and it works.....until the next time she
get brave and asks to be taught to ride a bike
she will continue being the wild, brave girl
and her scooter!!

Spy Party

Raychel's teacher rewards her kids
when they get so many good days with
a Spy Party!! It's the best day! The kids are
so excited!! It's funny because they are still learning,
but don't tell them! They are broken
into teams, each team has to solve
math problems to get a letter, when they
get all the letters they spell a teachers
name, then they go to that teachers room
to get the next clue for the next group.
This is a great way for them to check their math.
Then they have someone come in a teach
them about fingerprints, DNA, and other
ways to identify you as you! She loves these days.
I think the best part is each student has a secret
agent name, her teacher is very cleaver with the names,
the names describe the kids perfectly!! Raychel's name is Agent Fairy Dust, because of her love of fairies!

School Dance

In 4th grade the kids have been learning
about Colorado State History to help
prepare them for their trip in May.
They learned a Native American dance, which
the girls used shawls during the dance,
Raychel was so excited to use
her hot pinks shawl.She wanted her hair done like a Native American,
braids, well, I couldn't do "just" braids!!
She wanted a "Native American" looking
turtle in a hair clip, this was what she thought
look "authentic"
She had a great time even though she had to dance with a BOY!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sick Of Being Sick

So what do you do when you've been home
from school for 2 weeks
sick with the stomach flu, cold, 103 fever, headache,
and a viral infection...
good thing it's kindergarten..she's only missed 5 days


wear your favorite cozy PJ's.... get a manicure and pedicure from mom...
drink lots of fluids....

don't forget all the medicine...
watch lots of movies...

do lots reading....
sleep on the couch....

As soon as Jolene would get up Ella would take over!!

make pillow forts...and hope to nap there...

more forts....
I made hair bows to help pass the time
if I didn't have Jolene cuddled on my lap.
I do feel there is an end is sight..
the question is...when!!