~My Reason For Our Blog~
"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences." — Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, November 28, 2010

~Homeward Bound~

We woke up Sunday morning to SNOW!!
And lots of it!
It snowed the whole time we got ready and loaded up.
It looked so beautiful!
We were hoping the snow would only be in town
and not follow us all the way home.
We had such an amazing time away.
It was sad to head home
knowing "real" life awaited us!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

~Temple Square~

Saturday we did lots of shopping looking for the perfect
Christmas dresses and a baptism dress for Jolene. The girls
had so much fun trying on every dress in their size
until they found THE dress.
After shopping Raychel had her appointment for her
Pointe shoes. She was so excited!!! As we walked into the
ballet store Raychel said she had been waiting for this
day since she was 3!
She was so excited!!
After getting fitted for her shoes we headed to lunch.
I can't remember the last time we all laughed so hard!
After lunch we headed over to Temple Square to see all the lights,
they were beautiful!
The streets were so festive with all the decorations.
We drove around the square taking it all in until
we found a place to park. I don't think I have ever
seen so many people in one place.
As we walked into the square we could
hear the Christmas music. There was a beautiful nativity
scene which was all set up over the main lawn.
It was so spiritual to stand and listen to the
narrator tell the nativity story
and the music that would go along with it.
The girls and I couldn't take it
all in! There was so much to see! We took lots of pictures
and walked aroundseeing all we could.
As we left the square they was a table selling
cookies and hot cocoa, which only added
to the whole experience!

Friday, November 26, 2010

~Thanksgiving Trip~

This trip was so much fun and so needed. It's funny how you don't realize you need time away with your family until you are away and you feel your self relax. That is how this weekend ended up being. It was a very last minute trip because of the ever changing weather. We were suppose to get a pretty big storm that literally BLEW threw not leaving much snow behind. Thanksgiving the day was beautiful and Friday when we got up it was even better so we thought "lets go!" The purpose of the trip was to get Raychel her Pointe shoes for her ballet class she will be taking the first of the year. I had made an appointment for her fitting earlier in the week just in case the weather worked in our favor, and it did. As we dropped down out of the mountains into the city it was amazing. The view was breath taking.
We were really away!!! We checked into the hotle then went to get something to eat at this great Italian resturant, they had the best brick oven cooked pizza!! We laughed, ate, told stories, and ate more!! It felt so good to be away and not have a schedule to follow. Needless to say we are looking forward to this time way!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

~Happy Thanksgiving~

Happy Thanksgiving!!
We had a really nice day. Ward and Drake
got up super early and went duck hunting, they
came home happy with stories of success, and
very cold. We had to get a picture of Drake and the
ice hanging around his neck. He was so tired he was
able to spend the day inside on his blanket, sleeping!
We had a wonderful meal, took naps, played games and
had a Wii challenge going. I am so grateful for my little
family and the love we share. I look at each one of them
and I get so overwhelmed with love for them. I can't thank
my Heavenly Father enough for the life he has allowed me
to live. The older I get the more thankful I am for my blessings.
I have more then I can count, my family is always
number one! I love them more then they could ever know.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Photo

What a lazy day!!
We ended up staying home from church
because Ward was sick most of the night and Jolene was
up off and on all night with sleep issues. We laid around most
of the day reading, sleeping, visiting and enjoying our quiet Sunday
at home with the first snow fall outside. After a light dinner
we started FHE {family home evening} by making our
favorite cookies together then while they baked we wrote
letters to our missionaries. We have three nephews out right now
so we each drew names to see who we would write too.
It was the perfect ending a little less then perfect day.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

~New In Town~

It only took 396 days to get from groundbreaking to the
Grand Opening!!!
We finally have our new library.
It is wonderful.
We wentwith some friends to the Grand Opening Celebration.
We stood out in the cool beautiful Fall day and listened to the
opening remarks about the new library and patiently waited
to see the inside. There were so many people also waiting to
get a look inside that we decided to go the the craft show out
of town for the morning and then see the inside in the afternoon.
It was well worth the wait!!!
Here are a few interesting facts about he new and old library.
Square footage~ 4, 353
Number of public computers~9
Number of books~21,792
Number of media items~3,436
Study rooms~0
Meeting room capacity~25
Square footage~30,000
Number of public computers~30
Number of books~33,072
Number of media items~4,407
Study rooms~4
Meeting room capacity~25 & 155

Checking out all the books!!
Raychel and Nicole got to be interviewed for the school announcments
about the new library.
The beautiful stain glass window that was also in the old library.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Jolene finally got her braces on!!
She has been waiting "patiently" to get this stage going.
8 weeks ago when we went in she got a piece
put in the back part of her mouth on top that
comes down to the lower jaw and behind her
bottom teeth. All this is to help reshape the bones
of her jaw. Jolene had an over bit because
her front jaw came out and is narrow and the
bottom jaw was slightly in. So with the
"mouth piece" it moves the bottom jaw out and
brings the top jaw in. By moving them both it
keeps her face shape the same.
If you look closely you may notice she has
puffy cheeks, that is because
of the "mouth piece". Now she has
her braces in and the real work begins. She
only needs them on the top teeth and will
wear them about a year. We have already
notice some major changes in her teeth.
She is good about keeping them clean, eating
the right foods, and she still
smiles and laughs
all the time!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Photo

This morning shortly after we woke up
it started to gently snow. I must admit it
did look pretty, but it was so cold! Jolene was
hoping it would snow the whole time we were in
church so she could come home and play in it.
Not only did it not snow long but it didn't stick.
The girls had gone outside after dinner to feed the dog,
Raychel stayed out longer messing around with
Drake, but Jolene who wanted to be outside
the most came in, climbed under a blanket and
turned on a heating pad to warm up!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

~Happy Birthday To Me~

Yep, it's my birthday!!
It was really a great day!!
We headed out of town with friends since the kids had the
day off from school. We headed out to do some
shopping, eating and of course laughing!!
We went to lunch at Red Robin, where they will sing
to you for your birthday. My great friend put in that
request against my wishes. The poor waitress didn't know
what to do!! We had a great meal, lots of visiting
and of course more laughing! Well, when the meal was over
the waitress brought us the check and and my
"free" ice cream. She kindly explained to my
very disappointed friend that she
was going to honor MY wishes to not be sung to!!
Well, by the look on Jodi's face it was obvious she
wasn't happy!! She sat there for a few minutes while all of
us samples my yummy birthday Sundae. I could tell
she was going to do something. I never would have guessed
she would sing "Happy Birthday" nice and LOUD all
by herself!!! It was the the best, the girls and I laughed
so hard we were crying!! Nicole pulled her sweatshirt over
her face, the others slid down in their chairs, I am begging
her to stop at any time!!
But no!!
She continues loud and proud to the end!!
It was a birthday I will never forget!!
When Ward got home he took me out to dinner just the two of
us. While we were gone the girls decorate the TV room like
I do for them on their birthdays. It was a very nice surprise to
come home to, along with the best gift!!
A Belgium Waffle Maker!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Jolene has a great teacher again this year.
Miss Bacon is young, and so much fun. When I heard
she was having a birthday Jolene and I thought
it would be fun to give her a surprise party from her
class!! I have worked in her classroom many times so
I knew her schedule and what time a party would work.
I asked her if I could "take over" the last 30 minutes.
She gladly said yes!! Well, we made her leave the room
for a few minutes while we decorated the room,
pulled out cupcakes, drinks, and of course the gift!!
We even had little gift bags for the kids to take home.
The party was a huge success!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Photo

The girls love new skirts!!
We love to going to fabric stores and
picking out new fun fabrics, looking through
cute patterns and then we create!!
They help if they can and they learn
something new as we go. This past
Sunday they both wore their new skirts
and looked so cute. They wanted a photo
session after church, they had so much fun
posing and being silly!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I love Fall!!
I love all the yellow Aspens as we drive
around. I love seeing all the colors changing and
how beautiful they are! This is the one in our yard.
The day was beautiful, the weather was perfect,
so we cleaned up the the yard and enjoyed our time outside
before the weather changes to snow!!