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Sunday, February 19, 2012

~ Room Makeover~

The room makeover is complete, and it looks great! This is the first time we have made over Jolene's room since she got out of the crib!

She loved the flowers on her wall, she loved her comforter and she loves the purple, but her taste has grown and now her room needs to grow with her.

She is loving zebras right now so she found her new comforter online, then we hit the paint store to find something to match and then we got busy!

It was so fun painting with her, she has such a cute little personality and talked to me the whole time about what ever crossed her mind!

I value this time with my kids, they make me laugh with their cute little jokes, stories, and thoughts.

I hope she will enjoy her new room as much as she did the old room.

The little zebra family was painted by Jolene

The middle painting and the black painting by Jolene

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The Christensen Family said...

I just love Jolene's room. She is so talented with her drawings. Wow!