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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I had to stop and reflect this morning as I sit in our quiet home among the loads of laundry, a kitchen that needs to be cleaned and the floor that needs to be mopped due to the spilled lucky charms this morning.

I usually dislike our home when it's quiet, but today I am grateful. I know that sounds crazy, but we have had a crazy month of sicknesses here, so a quiet home means a healthy home.

First, Raychel got a bad case of strep. It knocked her flat for 5 days. She had the sore throat, a cough, fever and the sore body the whole time.

The day she got better Jolene came down with a rash, a crazy head to toe rash.

She suffers from allergies so I thought maybe it was due to them. I took her to the doctor on a Saturday and he thought the same thing. At this time it was on her face and a little on her neck. By Sunday night it was every where.

I took her to our doctor on Monday to learn it wasn't because of allergies so the prescription I bought and had used for the 3 days wasn't helping. Our doctor got all excited because she hadn't seen this rash in years. Kids get vaccinated against it but every once in awhile a case comes around she said.

Jolene had Fifths Disease.

I know your asking yourself what???

It starts out kind of like a cold, cough, stuffy, low grade fever, sore muscles and headaches. I just put it off thinking allergies and she had sore muscles because they did the fitness jog, and she is training for her 5k. Now comes the pink cheeks, I thought sunburn until they didn't getting lighter they got brighter, but by then the rash appears.

The rash lasted about 10 days along with the aches. There isn't anything they can take it just runs its course.

The day the rash disappeared both girls got the flu! I couldn't believe our "luck". I guess if the flu is to come around both at the same time was good.

Today both girls are back to school. And for the first time in over a month I get to pick them both up from school and come home!

I know before I get to comfortable, I am so grateful for our "ordinary days" that tend to get "extraordinary" around the end of the school year.

With only two weeks left, we can do this!


The Christensen Family said...

I felt so sorry to hear that the girls were sick and wished that I could have been there to help out or bring in a meal. I am glad that they are feeling better.

Holloway Family said...

Between all three girls we've had Fifths Disease at our house 12 times!! What a bummer that your family has been sick this spring, sure hope y'all are doing better.