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Monday, August 20, 2012

~School Days!~

It's here again, the first day of school!

It never gets easier, except when I have Ward by my side like I did this year.

I think I have as much anxiety as the girls do about the first day. The hardest part for me is always the drop off. This year with Raychel it was "easier". I dropped her and a friend off, they were so excited and happy to be walking in together.

It helped a little with the empty feeling I get when I leave them behind.

Jolene is a different story.

As soon as we got out of the car she grabbed my hand, as we walked through the parking lot together she talked non-stop about everything. As we walked through the door she held my hand a little tighter. We found her classroom, and her desk, put her stuff away and then she gave me a very tight hug and gave me the look where she isn't sure if she is going to smile or cry. I hugged her really tight and whispered in her ear that she is going to have a great day, that I can't wait to hear all about it and I will be waiting for her to come out after school. She relaxed and told me I could leave now.

I am glad I had Ward's hand to hold as we walked out.

It always surprises me how quiet and empty the house is when they are gone, I can't wait to pick them up and listen to their voices and have them download about their days.

Jolene is in 4th grade, her last year at the elementary school.

Raychel is in the 8th grade, her last year at the middle school.

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