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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tent Camping Day 1

Off to Vega Lake! I love this place!

It is always nice to get away and this is our place to get away to. We usually go later in the season but we all wanted to go camping so off we went. The weather was so warm, mosquitoes were out in force but we still had a great time. We played in the water with Drake, we went for a drive higher in the mountains to keep cool, we ate lots, read books, rode bikes, went fishing in the rain and enjoyed each others company. I can't imagine spending better time with our kids them camping. We are away from the busy schedule of work, school, appointments, phones, and TVs. I hope the girls always remember these camping trips and the fun we have while we are away.

Drake jumping off the dock after a bumper.

Raychel hanging out at camp. She is giving the thumbs up the cover her and Ward put up. Not long after they got it up a camp ranger came by and said we had to take it down because it was attached around a tree! They were both pretty disappointed.

Jolene loves the freedom of riding her bike from camp site to camp site. She was pretty excited riding with one hand, and doing circles round the sites.

The girls love watching Drake swim after his bumper and bringing it back, I also think he likes coming out of the water and shaking on the girls to hear them scream!

The scenery here is beautiful! There were so many wild flowers in bright yellow and purples. It was hard not to take a million pictures of the beauty all around us.

As we were heading up the mountain I noticed Jolene showing Max out window, good old Max, he is always with Jolene. If he could talk, I wonder what stories he would tell!

I love this picture of the girls in the field of wild flowers.

The state flower, a Columbine, were everywhere. We have some in our yard that we have planted, but it was fun to see so many in the wild. The are so beautiful!

This trip we saw so much wild life.

Jolene enjoyed taking Drake on short walks around camp.

He is getting really good at listening to her.

I was pretty cold and not exactly in the mood to go fishing so,

the three of them headed out to fish, as they got all settled in it started

to rain. They loved it and even had success!

The sunset was breath taking!
We had so much fun sitting around the camp fire in the evening. We cooked dinner, talked, laughed, and found the perfect smor'e sticks.

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