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"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences." — Gordon B. Hinckley

Saturday, October 15, 2011


For the Fall festival in town this year the 3rd and 4th grader choir group at Jolene's school got to perform at the park. She was pretty nervous about the whole thing. She was so happy to see that her friends were there. She said she was nervous because there would be so many people there. I told her maybe there would only be the parents of the kids performing, she came back with, or there could be a million people there mom! We were both wrong. The choir group did great!

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The Christensen Family said...

I wish I could have been there to hear you sing. I am sure you did awesome!