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Sunday, September 4, 2011

~Fun Times~

Our second camping trip this Summer! We love to camp and get way and hang out in the mountains. We tried a new sight across the lake for our usual spot, and I think it is our new favorite. We were right on the lake with plenty of space between us and our nearest fellow camper!
I love this little girl and her love to be like her daddy!! She wanted to go fishing so bad. Ward go all the fishing items out while he was getting Drake ready Jolene put everything on and said she was ready. Notice the sunglasses on the top of her hat, that is how Ward keeps his when he's not wearing them! She loves monster energy drinks, Ward put it down and she picks it up!!

Showing off her laffy taffy matches her hat and her shirt!! She loves green, this week!

They were hoping if they went out in the canoe they might get more fish, they came back with none! They did come back with the story of the one that got away!
Not to happy that the frog she caught needs to go back with it's family.
The frog Jolene caught down by the lake.
The one of many craw fish washed up on the shore.

While Ward was throwing bumpers in for Drake Jolene decided it wasn't fair he got to go swimming. She asked if she could, we told he of course as long as she wore the life jacket. She happily put it on and worked her way in. She was a little unsure at first if she could trust the life jacket. Once she realized it "worked" she was in heaven. She would try to race the dog out to the bumpers, before long Raychel too was in the lake racing the dog. The girls has has much fun. It was fun hear them laughing, screaming, giggling and having so much fun.

Before dinner we took off on a hike. It was beautiful! We only had on our flip flops so we couldn't go as far as we wanted. Next time we will definitely wear the right shoes and see how far the trail really goes.
Jolene had a good time riding her bike while we got dinner ready. Our little tent home. To the left of the picture we bought a dinning tent this time. The last time we came up the bees were so bad. This worked out perfectly!

Ward and Raychel played catch with the football while Jolene rode her bike while dinner was cooking.

She needed a root beer break!

S'mores anyone!!??

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