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Thursday, May 6, 2010

School performances

It never fails, the end of the year brings lots of
end of the year performances. This year wasn't any different. The
only problems was the girls both had performances on the same night!!
So I went to Jolene's First Grade Music Performance during the day
so I could also attend Raychel's band performance and
her timeline presentation. What a crazy night! Lucky for me both
girls had to dress like Native Americans, so that part was easy.
The girls and I went to the middle school for Raychel's timeline
presentation on Sacajawea, then Ward got into town in time to pick
Jolene up and get her to her performance while I helped Raychel
change for her band performance that Ward got back to for the last hour.
It was one of those night you hope you don't
have to juggle to often, but it was a night of
wonderful performances!!
The first grade music performance theme was
"Folk Songs from Around the World." They were asked
for the evening performance to choose clothes that would go along
with their songs.
Frere Jacques~France
Thula Thula Ngoana~Lesotho, South Africa
The Lion Sleeps Tonight~East Africa
Un Pajarito (A little Bird)~Spain
Xiao Yin Chuan (Silver Moon Boat)~China
Puff the Magic Dragon~United States
The Earth is Our Mother~Native American

Jolene dressed for her evening performance.
Our little blonde Sacajawea
Band Performance

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The Christensen Family said...

wish I could have been there. They grow up so fast.