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Friday, November 12, 2010

~Happy Birthday To Me~

Yep, it's my birthday!!
It was really a great day!!
We headed out of town with friends since the kids had the
day off from school. We headed out to do some
shopping, eating and of course laughing!!
We went to lunch at Red Robin, where they will sing
to you for your birthday. My great friend put in that
request against my wishes. The poor waitress didn't know
what to do!! We had a great meal, lots of visiting
and of course more laughing! Well, when the meal was over
the waitress brought us the check and and my
"free" ice cream. She kindly explained to my
very disappointed friend that she
was going to honor MY wishes to not be sung to!!
Well, by the look on Jodi's face it was obvious she
wasn't happy!! She sat there for a few minutes while all of
us samples my yummy birthday Sundae. I could tell
she was going to do something. I never would have guessed
she would sing "Happy Birthday" nice and LOUD all
by herself!!! It was the the best, the girls and I laughed
so hard we were crying!! Nicole pulled her sweatshirt over
her face, the others slid down in their chairs, I am begging
her to stop at any time!!
But no!!
She continues loud and proud to the end!!
It was a birthday I will never forget!!
When Ward got home he took me out to dinner just the two of
us. While we were gone the girls decorate the TV room like
I do for them on their birthdays. It was a very nice surprise to
come home to, along with the best gift!!
A Belgium Waffle Maker!!

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Mom said...

I am still trying to get use to the girls with shorter hair. It is adorable. I just need to see more and then it will seem natural. Mom