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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Jolene finally got her braces on!!
She has been waiting "patiently" to get this stage going.
8 weeks ago when we went in she got a piece
put in the back part of her mouth on top that
comes down to the lower jaw and behind her
bottom teeth. All this is to help reshape the bones
of her jaw. Jolene had an over bit because
her front jaw came out and is narrow and the
bottom jaw was slightly in. So with the
"mouth piece" it moves the bottom jaw out and
brings the top jaw in. By moving them both it
keeps her face shape the same.
If you look closely you may notice she has
puffy cheeks, that is because
of the "mouth piece". Now she has
her braces in and the real work begins. She
only needs them on the top teeth and will
wear them about a year. We have already
notice some major changes in her teeth.
She is good about keeping them clean, eating
the right foods, and she still
smiles and laughs
all the time!!!


Mom said...

Jolene, now you look just like your mother did when she wore braces. She was beautiful and so are you! Grandma

Rifle Fam said...

That is great! I especially like to hear she is keeping them clean :P