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Saturday, November 20, 2010

~New In Town~

It only took 396 days to get from groundbreaking to the
Grand Opening!!!
We finally have our new library.
It is wonderful.
We wentwith some friends to the Grand Opening Celebration.
We stood out in the cool beautiful Fall day and listened to the
opening remarks about the new library and patiently waited
to see the inside. There were so many people also waiting to
get a look inside that we decided to go the the craft show out
of town for the morning and then see the inside in the afternoon.
It was well worth the wait!!!
Here are a few interesting facts about he new and old library.
Square footage~ 4, 353
Number of public computers~9
Number of books~21,792
Number of media items~3,436
Study rooms~0
Meeting room capacity~25
Square footage~30,000
Number of public computers~30
Number of books~33,072
Number of media items~4,407
Study rooms~4
Meeting room capacity~25 & 155

Checking out all the books!!
Raychel and Nicole got to be interviewed for the school announcments
about the new library.
The beautiful stain glass window that was also in the old library.

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