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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Day Away

What a great weekend!!
Friday after school I took the girls to their cousins for the night!
They were so excited to get to spend the night with their cousins.
We met up with Ward to say good byes then we got to go on a DATE!!
It was so nice to be alone with Ward.
After dinner we headed home to finish getting ready for
my elk hunt in the morning. Yep, you read that right, my hunt!
I went about 8 years ago and figured it was time to go again.
We got up VERY early to load up and drive to the ranch.
It as a cold, rainy, windy, fall morning. We were expecting some
snow and luckily found none!!
We checked in at the ranch and
headed off to sit, watch and wait for the elk to appear.
The only thing that appeared was fog and lots of it!! It really was
a beautiful sight to watch the fog roll in. We sat in a cloud for a couple of
hours then did some walking but he fog was so thick we were unable
to see anything but each other!! Which isn't a bad view!!
We walked around some then headed back to the truck for a snack
and to regroup. While we were having our snacks Ward started up the
truck and the horses that were off in the distance came RUNNING over
to check us out!! They must of thought we were there to feed them because they
started bumping the truck and trying to go through the things in the back.
We ended up driving around the ranch scouting for elk and saw some really
beautiful country side. It was so peaceful to be out there in nature, to
visit, laugh, talk and enjoy each others company.

The rainbow was almost reachable when we picked up the girls.
So bright and beautiful!!


The Christensen Family said...

Pictures are outstanding, beautiful, wonderful, I love them. What was jolene doing.lol

Rifle Fam said...

Great pictures, Heather! Beautiful scenery and I love the series of wood shots--they could tell a story by themselves.