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Sunday, February 13, 2011

~Baptism Day~

What a special day today was. It started out and ended wonderfully. I have wished on more then one occasion that I was a writer, that I could write everything I am feeling in a way that truly expresses what I want to express. But I am not, so I will do my best to capture the emotion of this day.
The best part of this occasion was that my parents made the journey to spend it with us. Ward's mom and step dad were unable to make it but called and sent their love, I know if they could have been here they would have. Ward and Raychel made breakfast for everyone, which really helped me out. We were smart this time and packed Jolene's bag the night before. Church was wonderful. The spirit was so strong in all the meetings. There was a theme of every meeting of FAITH. It was interesting, faith is the one principle needed in all we do. It is needed for the step Jolene was making today to be baptized. In Sunday School, Ward was teaching and asked a question at the end of his lesson that struck me hard, "What has my faith allowed me to do?" I went the rest of the day thinking about that. What does my faith allow me to do? Everything, everything I do needs faith.
The week of her baptism she wanted to invited our neighbors, so we made little invites and invited several of our neighbors. It was excited to see several of them come and support her. She was so nervous and happy, it was cute watching her.
She held my hand through the program and kept looking at me. I was so emotional thinking this is our baby, taking a huge leap of faith by entering into the waters of baptism. My dad gave the talk on baptism, he is awesome!! I love him, it was really important to Jolene to have her grandparents and sister be part of her program. The talk he gave was perfect for her to understand and for the several non members there. When it was time for her to be baptized she gave me a big hug and said she loved me, she then step down into the font and there waiting for her was her daddy. He had his hand stretched out for her to come down to him. It was a beautiful sight, as she reached for him it calmed my nerves.
While she changed Julia, our good friend, played the list Jolene had given her of her favorite primary songs. When everyone had changed we went on with the rest of the program, Raychel played, When I Am Baptized, on her flute while Julia played the piano. It was so beautiful, Raychel is really getting good on her flute, she really has talent. It was hard to see her up there, all grown up and so beautiful. Her playing really brought in the spirit. Sister Anderson, Jolene's primary teacher last year, spoke on the Holy Ghost. Her comments were perfect, how this gift from Heavenly Father can't be used up like other gifts, this gift is meant to be used, the more we use it the more we understand the Spirit. I am so glad she is part of Jolene's life, she is very sweet, kind, gentle person. I hope this is a day Jolene will never forget. I hope she can reflect on this day over the years and recall the sweet spirit of the day and when she feels alone she can remember all the friends who were there to support her in the next chapter of her life. 


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The Christensen Family said...

Jolene's speical day sounds so wonderful! I am sure she will always remember that day. I still remember mine.