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Monday, February 14, 2011

~Valentine's Day Fun~

What a really great day, not only because it is Valentine's Day but because my parents were still in town from Jolene's baptism. Both of the girls had the same lunch time so we were able to take them both out of school to go to lunch with my parents. Jolene and Pop Pop wanted chicken so off we went to KFC. It was fun visiting, eating and laughing for the time we had together. After we took them back to school we had some time before we went in to help with Jolene's Valentine's Day party. It was fun to have my parents there with us. They were able to meet Jolene's teacher and several of her friends. It was fun watching my dad tease the girls that sat by Jolene, and help with the cookies.
What a great memory that was made today.
It is sad to think they are leaving tomorrow. It was great having them at one of my kids school parties, having them here to see Raychel dance on pointe shoes, see Jolene at gymnastics, go to Aspen to see Ward's job and all he is up to for our family.

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The Christensen Family said...

What a fun day! Looks like lots of fun decorating cookies. Yummy!