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"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences." — Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Time off of school usually means forts for one child,
and crafts for the other. This time she made a little
mushroom village. I wish sometimes I could get in her
little mind and see what she is thinking while she is creating.
She has so many ideas running through her head.
She loves to read the Tinker Bell books,
mysteries, and young romances, as well
as Greek mythology. I think her imagination
comes out beautifully in her projects
because of the books she reads
to the movies she watches.

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