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Monday, January 10, 2011

~Positive Referral~

While I was dropping Jolene off at school I got a call on my cell phone that was from the Middle School. The first thing I thought was, "what did she forget?" When I said, "Hello?" There was a man's voice on the other end. It threw me off. It ended up being the Principal at Raychel's school. He said he had Raychel in his office because she had received a positive referral from on of her teachers. I was so proud!! He asked if I had time for him to read it to me. Of course I did!! He said the referral came from Mr. Novosad, he had marked:
Excellent class participation, Exhibits kind behavior, outstanding effort, Constantly reliable, and Helpful to peers.
Mr. Novosad went on to write:
Raychel is such a kind soul. Her kindness rubes off on so many students. She has seemed to really come out of her shell, and is a very positive leader in the classroom. She always has a kind word or smile for anyone that needs it in class. I really believe Raychel needs to be recognized for her tremendous efforts in class!

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The Christensen Family said...

I have enjoyed having Matthew call home when he has "gotten" caught doing something nice. At times, I think or what does he need, but its so nice.